Quantum Physics and Covid-19

For several years, I have been interested in quantum physics and I wanted to study the Coronavirus (Covid-19) from a quantum point of view.

Of course, I am not asking you to believe me but just to read my conclusions which can lead to reflection.

For those who don’t know what quantum physics is … To put it simply: It’s the behavior of atoms, particles, and electromagnetic radiation. The earth, plants, animals, crystals and all living things are quantum in nature …

In humans, the vibratory rate can vary from one individual to another depending on his environment, his mood, his stress, his illnesses, his thoughts, his frequentations and according to the importance he will give to his body. , his spirit and his emotional… The vibratory rate: it is the vibratory energy which is released from the matter, its energetic radiation.

Since everything is quantum, the Covid-19 also has a vibratory rate.

So I measured the vibration rate of seasonal flu and the Coranavirus (Covid-19) knowing that the vibration rate is measured in Bovis units.

This is what I found:

The seasonal flu vibrates at 70,000 Bovis units. The Coronavirus (Cavid-19) vibrates at 170,000 Bovis units.

This means that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vibrates very high, twice as much as the seasonal flu, so is twice as contagious, with the complications we know.

To give you an idea, here is the average vibration rate of human beings.

Children vibrate higher than adults, around 250,000 Bovis units so they have little risk of contagion (unless, if they are already sick or recovering, their vibration level is low, they can become people at risk ).

The elderly vibrate on average, around 90,000 Bovis units (therefore people at risk).

Obese or overweight people vibrate low, 110,000 Bovis units… (therefore at risk)

People who are already carriers of a disease vibrate low between 40,000 – 60,000 Bovis units. (therefore high risk).

Cancer patients even lower 20,000 Bovis units. (very high risk).

Smokers or people who consume a lot of alcohol vibrate low, 110,000 Bovis units. (therefore at risk).

People (including children) who eat a lot of meat vibrate low, between 110,000 and 130,000 Bovis units. (therefore at risk).

Now, this is an average … If a person has already realized that it is not just a body of matter, the vibratory rate can vary upwards even for an elderly person.

It already gives you a little idea. Why some people are going to be healthy carriers. The virus will have no influence on them if their vibration rate is above 170,000 Bovis units. However, they will have the possibility of transmitting it.

Other people who vibrate below 170,000 can develop the disease even if they are apparently healthy.

A nurse who started treating people with Coronavirus, with a vibration rate of 230,000 Bovis units, is very unlikely to catch it. On the other hand, if after a few days, she no longer pays attention to her diet, lacks sleep, is stressed, sees only sick people, she will quickly drop to 100,000 Bovis units and become a person also at risk.

The question that comes: How can we increase our vibration rate to go beyond the 170,000 Bovis unit mark, to avoid being a person at risk? How to increase your vibration rate For that, we have to work on our epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the study of the modification of the expression of our genes as a function of our direct environment.

Knowing that our genes constitute only 2% of our coding DNA.

The remaining 98% of DNA is directly responsible for the expression of these 2% of coding DNA.

And the activity of the 2% is directly influenced by our environment, our way of life, our habits and our thoughts …

In conclusion: our higher emotions, which are unconditional love, gratitude, inspiration, compassion, freedom, can lead to the creation of new genes that will make new healthy proteins, which in turn will act on the structure and functioning of our body and thus influence our state of health and our daily life.

Concretely, this means that the person we are is directly influenced by our environment:

° Our food Eat organic uncooked plant products preferably as often as possible, Eat red meat moderately (2 times a month maximum), Limit cereal products (flour, bread, pasta, cakes, etc.), Limit products made from cow’s milk (milk, cream, butter, cheeses, etc.), Discard totally denatured industrial products (they are very often at the origin of our diseases and our malaise), Avoid alcohol, coffee, tobacco and all kinds of drugs …

° Our level of physical activity Exercise regularly, 30 minutes a day. Our bodies need exercise to circulate our energy. It’s not for nothing that we have muscles. If we do not move them, as is more and more the case in our modern society (sitting at the desk, computer, facebook, video games…) the needs of our body are no longer met and the body can begin to malfunction. Let’s not forget, our physiological functions are closely linked to this need to move.

° Our pace of life (avoid stress, and get enough sleep) Control your thoughts. Learn to live in the moment and stay focused.

Above all, avoid being afraid. What causes fear is our apprehension of what might happen next, so stop telling yourself about movies that haven’t happened yet.

When we are afraid, we experience 4 types of simultaneous stress: physical, chemical, emotional and energetic. Fear is energy-consuming, it consumes energy. Especially since fear affects our organism and lowers our vibration rate. The body mobilizes a huge amount of energy in response to the fear factor, stress. Human beings are made to be able to manage an increase in stress in the short term but not if the signal remains blocked for too long. If the fear persists for several days, we will lose our energy to heal ourselves, our immune system becomes vulnerable to disease. (Anxiety, depression, we cut ourselves off from our emotions, difficulty falling asleep or concentrating…). The stress hormones force us to be more vigilant, to give our full attention to the outside world, because therein lies the danger. Our stress cuts us off from our being, from our source, and gradually leads us to depression. Right now avoid looking at the news for more than 30 minutes a day, otherwise you will get polluted. So turn your fear of catching this virus into a desire to live, which is positive and energetic energy.

° Our social environment, friends, family, work colleague… If we hang out with people who complain all the time, we will forcefully settle on their vibrational frequency or they will absorb our energy.

The people we meet most in our lives will condition and determine who we are energetically. So, if possible, meet inspiring and positive people who draw our energy upwards.

This also applies to the books we read, the movies we watch and the blogs we visit…

Furthermore, our brain does not differentiate between the real and the imaginary. When we do an action, when we see it done by someone or imagine it being done, our brain operates the same mirror neurons. Our brain makes no difference.

Our thoughts attract the potentials that materialize in our life, responding to the law of attraction. So everything that happens to us in our life would be the fruit of our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality, our mind is much more powerful than we imagine. Let’s never forget that the universe always responds to our request.

° Our level of satisfaction in life in general.

° Connect with nature, the earth. Promote nature walks. In the forest, our tensions ease and we feel alive. Walk barefoot in the grass in the morning, take a little sun and if you have the opportunity to bathe.

° Take care of yourself. Know that our nervous system is the central pillar of our health and well-being. It manages all the functions of our body and all of our organs, it helps us to eliminate our waste. We are a bit like a car battery that stores this nervous energy in our adrenal glands. Unfortunately, when we subject our body to stress, to fear, to totally disordered living conditions, these glands tend to discharge. And when we run out of energy, we start to waste away, life is already leaving us … So get enough sleep and don’t go to bed too late. To circulate energy in our body, do not hesitate to get a massage. Meditation is very important too, it helps us to recharge. Listen to meditations with particularly high frequencies (174 Hz, 432Hz, 512 Hz, 528 Hz, 963 Hz…) You will find them on YouTube.

Now let’s take a look at the earth from a quantum point of view. The vibration of the earth has been modified by humans over the last hundred years, with the installation of antennas, high-voltage lines and the sending of satellites that have changed the energy grid of the earth, causing malfunctions and impacting living things at the same time.

Know that birds use the energy grid of the earth (the Hartmann and Curry networks) to locate themselves, to move during their migration. Today this grid is totally out of whack.

Now if I take a closer look at the history of the earth, this is what I found.

Each pandemic over the past 150 years corresponds to a quantum leap in the electrification of the earth and the imbalance of its energy grid.

1918 the introduction of radio waves around the earth and the first high-voltage lines corresponds to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic,

1968 launches of the first satellites around the earth correspond to the proliferation of the Hong Kong flu,

1997 the introduction of Wifi around the earth corresponds to the proliferation of the influenza A (H5N1) virus which first affected birds before infecting humans,

2002 the introduction of 3G around the earth corresponds to the proliferation of SARS,

2009 the proliferation of smartphones worldwide corresponds to the proliferation of swine flu (H1N1),

2014 the introduction of 4G around the earth corresponds to the proliferation of the Ebola Virus,

2019 the introduction of 5G around the earth corresponds to the proliferation of the Coronavirus Covid-19.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: Isn’t there a cause and effect relationship?

Any living being exposed to a new magnetic field is poisoned (humans, animals, insects included) !!! Some survive … others do not !!!

Example: the electromagnetic field radiated by wind turbines or by high-voltage lines buried in the ground are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of cows and the residents who live next door also fell ill.

Observation: 421 million birds, 60% of animals and 75% of insects have disappeared gradually since the arrival of mobile telephony in 1986. In addition, soil pollution by intensive agriculture has not helped to preserve them .

From a quantum point of view we are all energy, with a vibratory rate which is specific to each one. We are not all equal in the face of this pandemic.

We need to understand that we are not just matter (a body) as many seem to believe. We are made of moving atoms and particles that distribute energy and electric wave currents.

Besides, when we do electrocardiograms or electroencephalograms, we measure the electrical activity of our heart or our brain.

Let’s not forget that our thoughts, our emotions, our words, our evils are electric waves.

Traditional medicine heals the physical body, but who heals this quantum body, this energy body?

So far scientists have only studied 4% of the actual construction of the human being.

Why ? Because the rest is just energy. Our body is made up of 96% energy. Use a thermal camera, you will see what I am talking about.

A human being perceives only 4% of reality. (of his own reality) Unfortunately, we do not have the vision of raptors, nor of cats, nor the smell of a dog … However, we consider that our vision of reality is just and flawless.

Today, we have to admit that we perceive our environment only in an incomplete and distorted way. It should be written in our mind that just because we do not perceive anything does not mean that it does not exist.

Scientists are only beginning to admit that there is an energy field in our body and that it is modeled on our physical body, but they have very little knowledge of the subject.

I already hear some say to me, it is very beautiful your theory but in the Middle Ages, there were also epidemics however there were no satellites, no high voltage line, nor antennas around the earth. At these times, there were many wars, famines, it generated a lot of fear and these egregores of fear were so powerful that they also diffused electromagnetic fields which also started epidemics… Besides, many current wars are often accompanied by an epidemic.

Look at the egregore of fear that has taken hold in the world today, in France, in Paris. Energy is so dense in big cities that we seem to be stuck in a leaden screed.

The best way to counter it is to meditate together and send positive thoughts, love to neutralize it.

Let’s not forget one thing, our mind, our thoughts also act on the environment and matter. Now it’s up to us to realize all of this and to change this world … We are the ones who create the world we live in, nobody else.

This world today is like our inner chaos. Rest assured, there will be no end of the world but the end of a world, now free to us to know if we want to be part of it or not … It is up to us to change it. What will be our thoughts, our attitudes in the coming weeks … These thoughts will determine the future of our children …

To meditate…