US Election was organized - Part 1


Polling institute Helmut Norpoth, American political scientist and professor of political science at Stony Brook University in New York State was one of the few to announce Trump's victory in 2016, and perhaps the only one. to have announced it 9 months before the election.

He was not mistaken about the results of the last 5 US elections.

Today he announces Trump winning with a 91% chance.

Despite, this poll and many other benefits including those of Foxnews are censored as well as the fabulous Trump campaign which interests thousands of people at each of its meetings. Videos and evidence of these successes circulating on social networks through groups of truth seekers and have been concealed from the general public. Especially in Europe where the mainstream media are hiding the truth about what is really going on in the United States.

A large majority of Americans now understand the involvement of the Democrats and their bogus candidate in all the scandals that will rock the planet and which are still being hushed up and censored by the financial media by the deep state and corrupt Democrats.

Here are my predictions on what will happen from tomorrow :

1- Proclamation of results

2 - Disputes and appeals

First hypothesis - Biden is given a likely short-headed winner because of corrupt last-minute polls and electoral fraud involving postal votes. Numerous frauds have already been heralded with thousands of pro Trump ballots being thrown and discovered in streams and trash cans in Democratic states, relevant records of these irregularities are ready to be brought to the challenge and justice mat .

In this first case, an appeal will be brought to the Supreme Court by the Republicans.

Second hypothesis - Trump is given the winner despite the slowness of recounts and frauds.

In this second case, it is the Democrats who will appeal.

IN BOTH CASES, we will witness violent riots in major American cities with an awakening of the Antifa movements funded below hand by Soros and the Clinton and Obama foundations.

Trump and the Alliance have planned for these moves, the White House has been secured by a high fence, and the Military National Guard has already been deployed in many strategic points to contain the outbursts and clashes.

3 - This situation will happen to Trump who is still President for 2 months to enact MARTIAL LAW in all the United States.

This martial law will be promulgated and extended to almost all countries in the world including Europe and France where riots will also erupt and degenerate fueled by the recent attacks under the so-called 'Islamist' flag intentionally provoked by our corrupt leaders in view. to stir up hatred between communities.

4 - This is where the Secret International Alliance will simultaneously deploy military units to contain riots, overthrow current governments still in office and seize power in many countries. (including France) as part of the plan started in 1963 after JFK's assassination by the cabal.

This plan scaffolded by the military intelligence of the white hats in the USA and their secret allies in the world is planned to free all of humanity from corruption, trafficking, endless indebtedness of nations and wars initiated. by financial dynasties issuing the currency that we have suffered for centuries.

5 - Liberation of ALL PEOPLES under government and corrupt royalty.

6 - Official proclamation of US election results

Let’s not forget Amy Coney Barrett’s recent appointment to the Supreme Court, this woman already has all the horrible Democrats' stuff on her desk and proves to be flawlessly honest.

TRUMP will be declared the winner in all cases and must be sworn in on January 20, 2021.

7 - Military transition for organizer in all countries of free elections on the constitutional basis of the declaration of independence of July 4, 1776.

8 - Announcement and first application of NESARA in the US and GESARA in the world.

These events will take place over approximately 3 months.

The first 5 points will be condensed over the next 15 days.

In the meantime it is very likely that schools will close, that we will experience cuts in the internet, electricity, difficulties in supplying supplies, necessary for the financial resets that I have already obliged you to be informed about in my previous messages.

There will also certainly be the rupture of the 3 gorges dam in China which will cause an internal tsunami, a nuclear alert and containment in all the countries of Asia in order to also ensure a military transition of the countries concerned. Finally we will witness the use of the EMB emergency messaging system on our phones, 7 messages from Trump (7 trumpets of the apocalypse) with a takeover of the media and TV channels, which will broadcast the truth of what has really happened since the start of this Covid crisis.

This is how the big revelations will be disseminated: arrests, confessions, military trials of political leaders, big business leaders, artists and film actors and famous personalities who participated in the sex trafficking of children.

At the end of the year, for the Christmas holidays, we will also witness the resurrection of loved ones whose disappearance had shaken humanity ...

Thank you - ThanQ The Alliance is watching over you. Stay safe at home as much as possible