US Election was organized - Part 2

Further to our conversation please pay attention to interesting information and thoughts.

As always Democrats accuse the president of what they are doing!

As the wise say:

Whoever accuses defends himself.

Whoever judges denounces himself.

Whoever slanders tells

Despite all of this, President Trump is letting Biden and his gang end all his frauds. And most probably within few days, Trump will announce that all real mail-in ballots used a molecular-sized nanotechnological marker that has been used for 11 years by US intelligence to trace tickets or people by satellite or on the ground.

Thus, during the recount of the postal votes, all the false ballots will be immediately detected by the investigators of the Supreme Court once they are in action.

For fraud in polling stations, fraudsters will be trapped because without their knowledge all the Republican assessors (civilians from each party who observe the counts in each polling station) were magistrates (judges, prosecutors or bailiffs) present incognito as any normal citizen. Their testimony/witness having the value of absolute evidence in American criminal law, these fraudsters are caught in the act of cheating.

Finally, a large quantities of micro-cameras were stashed to catch the Democrats in the act of cheating.

Trump strategically allowed all of his irregularities to happen, and now their crimes of high treason will be known to the world.

So you understand that the Democrats are most probably screwed.

By soon, Dem (using Soros money and connections – you see what I mean here) risks unleashing an all-out and bloody civil war across the United States. If the riots start, it will be a bloodbath that will begin.

The real face of Democrats will be on display.

Indeed, I have seen that not only the National Guard is deployed, but also 48 elite divisions of the United States Army which are secretly positioned throughout the territory with their thousands of armor, helicopters and other armaments. Savor the war effort in question, just as with a full-scale counterterrorism operation, 60% of the US military's war material is positioned nationwide. You can therefore understand why the troops have been repatriated by the Trump administration in recent years (and not only because Trump is a peace maker).

Trump, can be called the new Lincoln, he will deploy the entire US military, but this time against this enemy from within.

President Trump may certainly proclaim martial law no later than the evening of December 6.

Funny Fact : Trump download a video of Biden on his youtube page. You have to check it !